Courts of Wyngate Subdivision |

WAPO 9/28/2018

A search for a ‘timeless’ contemporary house led to Bethesda’s Drumaldry neighborhood

September 28 2018 at 5:30 AM

Helen Hopkins and her husband enjoyed living in Bethesda, but their home did not suit their tastes. They wanted a house with what Hopkins described as a “timeless, California-style design.” Then, in 2006, they came across this one in the Drumaldry neighborhood.

“My husband and I are both very interested in design, even though neither of us is in the design field,” Hopkins said. Drumaldry is “the intersection of the privacy, the contemporary look and the convenience of Bethesda. There was nothing else like it.”

Drumaldry, part of the Courts of Wyngate subdivision, has 104 contemporary houses designed by architect Nicholas A. Pappas in the early 1970s. The homes have vaulted redwood ceilings, open-floor plans and large panes of glass to allow abundant natural light throughout the space. Tall brick walls separate the backyards and offer privacy.