When Seena King saw the sand-colored brick walls around the houses of the new Drumaldry neighborhood in Bethesda, she was sold. It wasn’t the privacy the walls offered that attracted her, although that was nice. It was the secure courtyard they might provide for her cat, Kacy.That was 1972, and though Kacy eventually passed on at the ripe old age of 23, King still contentedly lives in Drumaldry, as do a number of other original residents, many of them attracted by the privacy. “There is almost a Japanese impression of being subdued and quiet, and we like that a lot,” said Richard Kaufman, a resident of 14 years.Different as it is, the cloistered feeling is easy to get used to, one resident pointed out. Now when he visits friends in other neighborhoods, said resident Ron Marshall, he is always somewhat surprised when he can watch neighbors walking about in nearby yards.