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Maintenance Committee

The DHA Maintenance Committee, under the direction of the BOD, arranges for, coordinates, and supervises the maintenance, review, and repair of the common collector (“CC”).  Additionally, the Committee helps the Treasurer prepare budget recommendations for the DHA reserves, solicits bids from contractors and recommends to the Board maintenance, repair, and contractors for these tasks.

At the Board’s request, the Committee will also advise the Board on matters that pertain to the maintenance, repair, or improvement of DHA public spaces and help the BOD provide general information to home owners on maintenance issues common to personal property (e.g., home exteriors and walls).

The MC strives to make itself make itself available to homeowners in an advisory role and educate the community about the CC by  providing  information and suggesting best practices to help keep the system and its infrastructure in good working order.


The Common Collector       Download Here

Surveyor’s Map NW Quadrant DHA 1970 Download Here

Surveyor’s Map NE Quadrant DHA 1970 Download Here

Surveyor’s Map SW Quadrant DHA 1970 Download Here


General Maintenance

Street Lights Maintenance               Download Here

Brick Fences; Covenants, Constrictions and Restrictions Download Here


CC Line Reports

CC Scoping Report 2021-2022         Download Here

CC Line # 12 Report 2022         Download Here


See Documents Area For Important Maintenance  Documents!