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Landscape Committee

The Committee’s responsibilities include keeping common areas visually appealing and offering advice to home owners in the community.

Download Landscape Committee Letter To Residents, October 2017

In addition to its ongoing responsibilities for the appearance of the DHA owned landscape (the “common areas”), over time the LC has assumed some landscape responsibilities for other areas; for example, the county owned circles at the end of some streets and the county owned “grass” areas between the sidewalks and road.

One of the most wonderful and unique aspects of our Drumaldry community is its natural setting and beautiful gardens. As with anything, maintaining this excellence is dependent on our combined efforts. To this end, the Drumaldry Landscaping Committee invites you to have a closer look at our community and the ways in which our landscape can be improved. In addition to the work of our contracted landscapers, Scapers, keeping our common property lush, healthy and colorful, there are ways that we can each contribute, particularly now as the growing season is underway.

Because the property between your walls and sidewalks in front of your home are yours to manage with plantings, pruning, and ground maintenance, we wanted to share some “best practices’ and ideas on how to facilitate this responsibility.

• A great place to start is to understand where your property lines are as our unique community layout sometimes makes this a challenge. The best way to ascertain your areas of responsibility is to review your plat plan. For those of you who have any additional questions, we suggest that you contact Montgomery County.

• Because we are such a walker-friendly neighborhood, your responsibility includes maintaining plantings and trees with safety and visibility in mind; tree trimming, bush pruning, etc. is essential maintenance.

• In terms of ideas for these areas, both Scapers and our Landscaping committee are happy to share suggestions. Scapers can also provide you with a quote to install and/or maintain this area on your behalf, although you are free to do this work yourself or with any other landscaper of your choice.

Finally, we welcome your direct participation on our Landscaping committee. The committee is quite “low maintenance” as one new committee member notes. Being part of the committee allows you to have more direct input in our community landscape projects, new planting choices and project priorities. Even if you don’t have time to participate in the committee on a regular basis, we are open to ideas for other ways to contribute to the beauty of our neighborhood, so please let Nancy Cass Backenstoe know how you and your family may want to take a bigger part in our beautiful landscape.

Thanks for your attention to your role in keeping our neighborhood unique, attractive and safe for all to enjoy!

The Drumaldry Landscape Committee