Courts of Wyngate Subdivision |


An Enclave of Unique Beauty and Character…

The 104 houses that comprise Drumaldry are taken from six different, but aesthetically cohesive, designs. Five of these were the work of Mr. Nicholas A. Pappas – Garden Court; Grand Court; Twin Court; Summit Court; and Terrace Court. According to the architect, another design for some of the houses on Swords Way, which were the last to be built, were the work of someone within the firm of Miller and Smith the developers.

Drumaldry’s unique character reflects an aesthetic rarely found in this area. Drumaldry’s clean modern style defines a neighborhood of light and privacy without ostentation rarely found in the Washington, DC metro area.

Drumaldry’s special quality was captured with a quote from John Ruskin’s Stones of Venice:

We require from buildings as from men,
two kinds of goodness: first, doing their
practical duty well; then, that they may be
graceful and pleasing, in doing it.